Paul Stein’s New Book

Be sure to check out Paul Stein’s web site as he has a new novel out called The Fourth Law. At first I thought it was the typical guy’s guy book, with commandoes breaking into a lab through the roof of the Stanford facility, Navy Seal style, but then, as I read further, I discovered it was more than a sci-fi thriller, with two brilliant, competing cousins going too far in trying to one-up each other, moving into the dangerous destruction of their lives.

It is a book about family relationships gone awry, as life sometimes forces things to go. I told Paul I cried three times in the novel – my heart aching for the family split into so many fragments. It’s a good read. The very cool part is the scientific writing and plausibility of the anti-gravity machine designed by one of the cousins–the Stanford professor.

You’ll like the book. Go to Paul’s web site: