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Founding Director and Editor: Manzanita Writers Press


NEW BOOK! Children’s book – Easy reader for pre-K to 3rd grade:

BED BUMPS! Purchase NOW!






Bed Bumps is an early reader book about a boy who discovers that the bumps in his bed pose an organizational problem. But there is a price to pay for cluttering the covers. He learns some valuable life lessons about sharing and caring, even with an annoying sister, and helps out a friend.

These books and other products to match will make perfect holiday gifts for parents and grandparents and friends to give to the little ones ages 2-8. In fact, older readers enjoy the book, too. Don’t we all still love Goodnight, Moon? This is a book that will become a classic.

The official date of release in the US is January 1, 2020. But you can order your book now from Monika or from Manzanita Writers Press at manzanitawp@gmail.com! She will be sure it is shipped to you! Or, come into the gallery in Angels Camp, Manzanita Arts Emporium, any day except Tuesday and Wednesday, to get your copies in person. 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monika is there on Saturdays to sign your copies!


Poetry collection:

River by the Glassfrontsmall











Here are what other poets and writers say about River by the Glass:

Pattiann Rogers, poet, says:

The poems in River By the Glass are rich with the details of the earth moving moment by moment from death to life, from life to death.  Monika Rose understands the union of these transformations and records them with the energy, contemplation, and originality of finely composed poetry.  Like glass, her poetry offers both a reflection of the physical world and a window into our human experiences of its shifting beauty and mystery.

–Pattiann Rogers

Kathy Isaac-Luke, poet, says:

In her new collection, River by the Glass, Monika Rose shows her
formidable range. By turns meditative, profound and imaginative, her
poems are always, at their core, genuine and unflinchingly honest.
Whether rooted in landscape or familial memory, these poems are rich
in metaphor and finely crafted. With the precision of a scalpel and
the clarity of fresh water, River by the Glass takes the reader on a
journey of discovery.

—Kathie Isaac-Luke, author of Chrysalides, 2010, Dragonfly Press


Kevin Arnold, poet and director of the San Jose Poetry Center says:

Monika Rose inhabits the Mother Lode country, a geography that produces poetry.  Down the highway from where the Squaw Valley Community of Writers winter with Gary Snyder, her poems grow out of local soil.  No wonder Monika is dedicated to bringing out the best of her community.  These fine poems could have been written nowhere else.

        –Kevin Arnold

From Mary Mackey, novelist and poet:

“Rose’s poetry captures the texture and currents of the river, translating water into words.”
–Mary Mackey











Art Show Reception with Gary Rose and Ekphrasis (writing about art) workshop with Monika Rose.

MonikaGary Rose 10-2011



If you like hard-edge design and wall sculptures like this, contact Monika. Gary Rose produces these. Collect yours now. Large wall space needed for installation. Find out more about this medium and what Gary does as an artist. His works are featured at Manzanita Arts Emporium  in Angels Camp

Contact manzapress.com


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  1. Monika’s poetry is an alchemy of earth, soul, and sensuality. She easily captures the essence of life in simple lines that make you stop and reconsider what you thought you knew.

    Lucy Sanna

  2. Dear Monika, I loved having lunch with you and talking with you at the FOTL meeting yesterday. You were so inspiring and encouraging , talking about poetry and writing. I came home and tried a couple little poems. This morning, however, I started thinking of something when I woke up very early and had to get up and write it down. It’s not ready ready to send to you, but I will keep working on it. I want to put together a book of my late husband’s sketches of birds and other things, and now I want to add poetry or prose to it. I’m so excited.
    Thanks again for coming. I hope I get back in time on Sat. to stop by your event here in SA. Thankfully, Lois conk

    • Lois, what a wonderful project you are doing with your husband’s sketches and now, poems and prose to add to it. The main thing is the enjoyment in putting something that special together. Yes, do keep working on the poem. Don’t put it aside, but have it visible so it doesn’t grow cold. I loved the luncheon and speaking to so many bright and energetic members of your group. The Friends of the LIbrary is a vibrant group!


  3. Monika Rose writes of life as a river, ever moving, ever changing as one travels upon it. Her poems speak of nature, of human emotion, birth and death. Her humor sparkles like the sunlight in the shallows as it reveals the smooth, golden river rocks beneath the surface, and the mood of her writing changes as one enters the turbulence of the rapids, the depths of despair and the stillness of grief. This is a lovely work with beautiful photography, one you will surely enjoy.

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