River by the Glass just came out as an eBook!

Thanks to Lou Gonzales, eBook designer and guru, my collection of about 85 poems that are currently in print form in the collection —River by the Glass– has been birthed as an eBook on Amazon! It’s there right now, like a juicy, ripe fruit dangling from a lush, fruit tree in the family orchard!
You can pick a copy for yourself for $2.99. The nice thing about it is that the photos by Ron Pickup are in color and they are absolutely stunning!  I would love for you to have a copy for your Kindle (and I think you can simply download it to your laptop or computer by downloading something else like their app). This way, when you feel like a poem to lift your spirits, it will always be there for you in your collection. 
In addition, I welcome reviews! This is an important thing–having reviews. Don’t feel you have to rank it a 5, either, even though it might be a 5. It’s better to just give it a 4 or a 3 if you think that’s where it sits. I can handle imperfection. I’m an entity that always strives for improvement. A diamond in the rough. A slightly bruised apple. A comfy pair of old jeans.

River by the Glass is available as an eBook at Amazon! If you’d like a copy for $2.99 for your Kindle, then please go HERE and purchase one! Support your local poet!

If you would like a print version, which is tangible and tactile, you can opt for purchasing one either by going to Small Press Distribution
OR you can purchase directly from the poet (that is I!) at my web site  Monika Rose 


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