Manzanita Writers Press Presents

First Annual Writers Roundup Retreat

At the Mark Twain Wild West Fest

Friday, Oct. 14 – Location: Manzanita Arts Emporium, 1211 S. Main St, Angels Camp, 95222

 Lasso Effective Media Marketing Techniques

9-11:30 – The Social Media Frontier – Marketing Your Creative Side on Facebook with the Get Smart Group, Facebook and social media experts – limited to 30 participants – reserve your space early.

11:30-1 Lunch on your own

1-3:30 – Website Wrangling, Blogging, and Alternative Media Marketing with Linda Lee, Bay Area website marketing guru – limited to 30.

4-4:30 – Roundtable discussion – Participants share experiences with marketing – what works and what doesn’t

Saturday, Oct. 15All day Main Street activities and Author Fair BoothMark Twain Wild West Fest – Dress up as your favorite literary character from the 1800s, steam punk Wild West style. Liars Contest on stage. Sourdough Slim, Black Irish Band, and two more bands. Meet the producers of the Mark Twain Finds His Voice – the 88 Days film, and Jim Fletcher, author of the book, Mark Twain’s 88 Days in the Mother Lode. Free street entertainment. Manzanita Arts Emporium salon style green room for participants to hang out, talk with other writers, and schmooze. Free After party with the Jank Tones band, from 6-9, with ho-host food and drinks at Utica Park.

Sunday, Oct. 16Herding Fact and Fiction: A Symposium – Location: Angels Camp Museum, 753 South Main St., Angels Camp, 95222

9-11:30 Telling Tall Tales Out West – with Pat Kaunert, historian, humorist, and Mark Twain reenactor. Experience humor writing in the Mark Twain vein – using exaggeration and understatement as an effective writing tool. Pat will present Gold Rush journalism, mining camp humor, the art of the tall tale, inventing hyperbolic metaphor, and more.

11:30-1 – Lunch on your own

1-3:00  Driving the Truth – historian-authors discuss valuable insight and practical tips in research methods for corralling primary sources and how to organize them effectively — with Julia Costello, Sal Manna, JoAnn Levy, and Antoinette May – a seminar on digging deep to help make history come alive.

Break: 30 min.  3-3:30 PM – $10.00 donation/public admission.

3:30-4:30 PM – As Fleeting as Gold Dust: A Symposium on Truth in the West – with investigative journalist Scott Thomas Anderson, James Fletcher, and Stephen Finlay Archer. Regional historical authors discuss how writers grapple with facts and decisions made. Discussion includes the state of modern archives, the pitfalls of online research and reflections on interviewing witnesses to history.

 4:30-5:30 PM   Mark Twain Out West – Legendary Mark Twain performance by Pat Kaunertshowing the true spirit of the American West, with delightful “stretchers” providing insightful relief from a world of crazy turmoil. Appropriate for all ages, engaging history, audience interaction, and memorable Wild West fun.

5:30-6:30 PM – Surprise guest planned – an esteemed representative from a local indigenous tribe will discuss storytelling and preserving narrative the Native American way. More information to come on this!

 Fees for the conference:  by Sept. 1 – $160 includes all three days of activities including participation in the author book fair and all talks and sessions.  After Sept. 1, price is $170 for all three days.

Friday OR Sunday only: $90/per day –  Writers Roundup participants can be featured in the book fair booth on Saturday with either session Frid or Sat fee paid. Pay online with a credit card:  www.manzapress.com  and fill out a short registration form.Or, download the registration form, fill it out, and mail it with a check to Manzanita Writers Press, PO Box 460, Angels Camp, CA 95222 — OR visit the Manzanita Arts Emporium,1211 S. Main St., Angels Camp, CA 95222.

Writers RoundupFinalPkg (1)

Books and anthologies with editing work by Monika Rose

River by the Glass River by the Glass front cover small, A Collection of Poems by Monika Rose

Released, April 2011- 212 pages, 85 poems, photography by Tuolumne County talent Ron Pickup

River photography includes Tuolumne River, Clavey River, Stanislaus River, and more….

Publisher, GlenHill Productions, Soulsbyville

Purchase on this site.  $21.95, add shipping and tax: $28.50





Wild Edges: volume 6 of Manzanita – Poetry and Prose of the Mother Lode and Sierra

Editor: Monika Rose – Published Aug. 2010 – pub. Manzanita Writers Press – 216 pages featuring over 100 poets and fiction writers from California and the U.S. Over 30 photographers and artists featuring their work – a 16-page full color glossy spread by talented artists and photographers of the Mother Lode and Sierra – Purchase from Manzanita Writers Press for $15.00.  2,000 printed – 1,000 remaining        Wild Edges - volume 6 Manzanita anthology front coveradd tax and shipping

 Some of the writers featured: J.P. Dancing Bear, Mara Feeney, Taylor Graham, Ted Laskin, Linda Field, Jim Lanier, Ron Pickup, Helene Pilibosian, Jackie Richmond, Monika Rose, Andy Shupala, Allegra Silberstein, Laura Snyder, Norine Radaikin, Jackie Rogers, William Keener, Bill Gainer, Michael Lee Johnson, Brad Buchanan, Zoe Keithley, Shelley Muniz, Joseph Milosch, Kathy Isaac-Luke, Kevin Arnold, Moira Magneson, Barbara Leon, W.F. Lantry, Carol Ann Lindsay, James Jacobs, Jodi Hottel, Gail Entrekin, Johm Fitch, Maureen Flannery, Lara Gularte, Dianna Henning, Lisa Gelfand, Connie Corcoran, Sandy Crepps, Chrissy Davis, Donald Anderson, Dawn Bonker, David Anderson, Marta Brady, Barbara Bass, Tim Bellows, Gary Cooke, Alan Cohen, Leslie Bailey, Marcia Adams, Glenn Wasson, Dorothy Wake, Andrena Zawinski, Patricia Wellingham-Jones, Daniel Williams, Paul Willis, Brigit Truex, David Sullivan, Michael Spinetta, Robert Walton, Anne Wilson, Paula Sheil, Dave Self, Michele Rugo, Dave Seter, Scott Siegel, Anne Privateer, Mark Redfearn, Marie Ross, Nick Samaras, Zara Raab, and many more…

Cover photo by Paul Neal


Manzanita Volume 5 – released Sept. 2008 – 1,500 copies published – 400 remaining

Over 100 writers and artists featured – still in print Manzanita volume 5 Front cover – cover photo by John Doane

Editor: Monika Rose

Published by Writers Unlimited, sells for 15.00 plus tax, shipping

 Back cover volume 5 – photo by Ron Pickup

Poem by Jackie Richmond

Manzanita volume 5 back cover - photo by Ron Pickup - poem by Jackie Richmond









Manzanita – volume 4  – over 100 writers and artists featuredManzanita volume 4 Front cover

Editor, Monika Rose – published by Writers Unlimited, 2006

Now, Manzanita Writers Press

published 2006 – 1,200 copies printed – 50 remain – sells for 15.00

Cover photo by Ron Pickup of Soulsbyville – lovely Manzanita blossoms frosted by a surprise snowstorm in the late spring




Ted Laskin’s collection of Short Stories and Essays

George A. Custer, Please Come to the White Courtesy Phone

Available from the author and Manzanita Writers Press

17.95 plus shipping and handling – 8.25 % tax – total: 23.00

George A. Custer, Please Come to the White Courtesy Phone - by Ted LaskinEditing work: Monika Rose  – Ed. Manzanita Writers Press, 2010

Joy Roberts – chief editor  on the project







Glenn Wasson’s collection of poetry, essays, and flash fiction

Tales Mark Twain Would Have Loved to Steal – revised edition

Tales Mark Twain Would Have Loved to Steal - revised edition - by Glenn WassonEditing work, Monika Rose, Joy Roberts: 2008 and 2010 (2 volumes)

Winner of the Readers Choice Humor Award

Available for 21.95   plus shipping, and 8.25 % CA tax

Total 28.50. 

Publisher: Manzanita Writers Press

Contact author via press







Getty Ambau’s Young Adult Novel

Desta and King Solomon’s Coin of MagicDesta and King Solomon's Coin

Monika Edited: 2009 and 2010  (not exclusively)

Manuscript also reviewed by Lodi High students