Editing of Poetry, Novels, Nonfiction, Short Stories

Monika Rose, editor of Manzanita Writers Press, and Manzanita publications,

Anywhere from $5.00 to $10.00 per page, depending on level of editing needed/desired.
Content editing – grammar, usage, diction, formatting, structure, style, consistency, logic, pacing, narrative, characterization, thematic connections, and more.

Deposit: 1/2 of the fee as a deposit upon initial acceptance of the project. Payment of the remainder, 50%, upon completion of the agreed-upon work. Estimate for the entire job available based on editing scope projected for the job.



Antoinette May

Sally Kaplan

Lucy Sanna

Jennifer Hoffman

Dave Self

Connie Strawbridge

Suzanne Murphy

Jackie Rogers
Glenn Wasson

Lou Gonzalez

Jim Fletcher

Stephen Finlay Archer

Steve Holmes

Amy Smith

Bonnie Miller

June Gillam

Joy Roberts

Linda Field
Joyce Dedini
Getty Ambau
Nitya Prema

Ted Laskin

Blanche Abrams

Denella Kimura

Ron Pickup

Bob Rogers

Pamela Dunn

Kathy Boyd Fellure

Penny West

Kathy Mazzafero




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